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Regularly review the Job Seeker Resume Bank. New candidates are enrolling every day to our Job Board.
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Employers and Recruiters....

Welcome to The Consulting Industry Job Board !

Key Features Summary

We offer a feature-rich job board and career center.  Listed below are some of the key features that clearly distinguish from other consulting industry niche board sites.

Consulting Industry Focus

Our site and job board is fully and wholly dedicated to the Management Consulting Profession.

Extensive Reach to Consulting Professionals

We have established and will maintain ongoing targeted reach to an extensive audience of practicing management consulting professionals nationwide.

Consulting Industry Experts

All of our staff and management team have extensive previous experience in the consulting profession, helping to ensure the relevancy and targeted functionality of the site and services offered.  We also have an "on call" Board of Advisors composed of senior level consulting industry professionals who serve as key technical content advisors for our site.


We offer a very easy-to-use Interface for Employers and Job Seekers.  Employers....You can literally job your new job openings in a matter of minutes.

No Contract Required....Ever

Our job is to keep you satisfied and ensure an ongoing flow of top quality candidates.  We're confident that you'll be a repeat user and therefore do not require any type of long-term contract or other similar commitment.  Use us month-to-month....or whenever.

We'll Write Your Job Postings and Post for You

Our staff are experts at creating compelling job descriptions / job postings designed to maximize job seeker response.  We're always glad to assist you in writing your job descriptions.  We'll also post the jobs for you to help save you further time and effort.  All of these services are included in our posting prices and are provided to no additional charge.

Personal Account Manager

Employer Users are always assigned an Account Manager to ensure your complete satisfaction with our job board.

Application Management Console

Our application management console allows Employer Users to easily manage job postings, track candidate activity, and communicate with candidates.

Multi-User Capability

Our application allows for multiple users at Employer organizations, providing for more effective oversight and management by Employer HR departments.

Free Resume Database Access

Free access by all Employer Users to the job board’s complete candidate resume database.  Find any candidates you are interested in, and submit your interest to them. If they are interested in your opportunity, we connect you for a nominal fee. If the candidate is not interested, you pay nothing!  Check it out HERE>>

“Featured Employer” Option

Option for “Featured Employer” logo placement on our home page. 

“Featured Job” Option

Option for listing of jobs you prefer to present as “Featured Jobs” on our home page.  Check it out HERE>>

“Hot Job” Listing Option

Option for denotation of your searched jobs as “Hot Jobs”, appearing at the beginning of the list of a job seeker’s searched jobs list.  Check it out HERE>>

Job Archiving

Ability to save and archive your job postings for future re-use and re-posting.

A Variety of Job Posting Packages

We offer an assortment of job posting packages depending upon your recruiting needs and budget.  Check out our Products/Packages HERE>>

Candidate Response Filtering

A fully customizable filtering capability to help ensure you receive relevant job seeker submissions and to minimize the flow of unqualified candidates.  You control the level of filtering and you choose what you want to review.

Anonymous Job Seeker Registration

Requirement that job seekers register their “profile” and resumes anonymously on our site, encouraging both active and “passive” job seekers to register without confidentiality concerns.  Contact information is released only those to employers in which job seekers are interested.

Job Seeker Tools and Resources

A full suite of career management tools and job search resources available to job seeker users.  Check out our Resource Center HERE>>

Full Suite of Recruiting Services

Availability of a full suite of employer recruiting services offered by us and through a select group of third party providers.  Check out Total Recruiting Solutions HERE>>

Job Posting Distribution

Our Job Distribution Network Compares to no other consulting niche board site. Jobs posted on are also cross-posted automatically to a number of high-traffic online job boards (at no additional cost to you) providing you with multi-channel job board distribution to a wide audience of management consulting professionals. In addition to the thousands of management consulting professionals visiting our site on a monthly basis, job seekers from thousands of other job board sites are also able to view and respond to your job postings. jobs are cross-posted automatically to:
Our affiliate firm, JobTarget, is the internet's largest network of niche and specialty job boards. JobTarget powers over 300 job boards enabling you access to the best candidates possible for your open positions. Your jobs are automatically cross-posted to other niche job board sites relevant to your position needs and requirements. No other consulting industry job board offers this feature.
Currently ranked as the #5 online job board by, Indeed is thenext "big thing" in online job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. Indeed offers job seekers a simple and easy to use "Google-like" interface.
Currently ranked as a top ten job board by, Simply Hired is a vertical search engine company based in Silicon Valley, and is building the largest online database of jobs on the internet -- a "one stop shop" for job seekers to search millions of online job postings from one central portal.

We also distribute through our Social Media Network to:




Concerned about a proliferation of non-relevant job seeker responses? No worries....we target only management consulting professionals at Even your cross-posted jobs will filter into the consulting channels of our job board distribution network. Bottom line, a much higher percentage of relevant job seekers responses than you'll experience on any other online job board service.

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